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We buy pretty houses in all price ranges, including luxury houses ($200,000.00 and up).
We pay all closing costs plus make your payments.

We buy distressed houses…cash!
We close quickly with no contingencies.

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     Dear Homeowner, are you facing challenges selling your house?  Do you own an unwanted house and need to sell now?

These problems are common and can happen to anyone.  Whatever your reason for selling, we have the solution.  We’ll buy!  We buy houses from people in situations just like yours in most any Binghamton area and in any price range.  We are not Realtors.  We charge no commissions.

Under our Lease - Purchase Plan:

we will lease your house ASAP to provide you with immediate debt relief until we buy.

We make mortgage payments, repairs, and guarantee maintenance while the house is being sold.  We pay closing costs. You can get on with your life until the house sale is finalized at closing.

Under our Instant Buying Plan:

We pay with CA$H and use private funds that require no new bank financing.  We can close in days or whenever you decide with no home inspections, contingencies or other hold-ups.  We buy “as is” so you need not make repairs, do clean-ups, or even move things you don’t want prior to the sale.

*We are professionals who can handle all paperwork, make all arrangements,
and set up closing with local attorney.*

*We provide a quick, easy, hassle free sale.  * We will not list your house or charge fees. *

We buy houses exclusively in this area so we know Binghamton and it’s surrounding communities.  We specialize in and only buy single family homes.  We solve house problems by providing owners with solutions others like Realtors & Banks do not and cannot offer sellers.

All types of assistance is available to buy your house and get you your price.  We often make multiple offers on many homes, which allows you choices when selling.  We offer more than just a “low-ball” cash offer.  We guarantee a “tailor made” offer for your situation.


We Buy 5 - 10 houses per month and would like to buy more.
Recently we have: 

     If no one is making your payments and performing your maintenance while your house sits idle, and your bills continue to mount, e-mail us here today by filling out the contact form. We guarantee you an offer. We guarantee you service.  All inquiries are confidential and no information given will be shared without your authorization.  As we continue to build our business we look forward to assisting you and we will not tarnish the relationship we look forward to establishing with you by jeopardizing this confidentiality.  All information given will be used for the specific purpose of  responding to you in a timely, courteous, and professional manner.

Please contact us in one of two ways:
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